Recommended Sites

X-Ways Forensics

A good beginners guide |

SANS Computer Forensics

This site is a very good source of information |

Be sure to check out the blog |

Mobile Device Forensics

A good source for mobile device forensics, whether Android, iOS, or others |

The Apple Examiner

Just what the name says – Apple forensics. This site may be extremely useful if you are not too experienced with OSX |

ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)

Most everyone uses this already, but it deserves to be on the list. This is the best source to see who is responsible for an IP address |


SEARCH offers training and resource information, but they have the very detailed ISP list with contact information, which is extremely useful |

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

Not nearly as useful as it used to be because websites have changed so much and there is much more to capture. It is still worth a try to see how a website looked in the past |

ars technica

Great resource for tech related legal issues from around the United States. You really should use their RSS so you don’t miss a thing |

California Legislative Information

29 California legal codes and it’s searchable. This website is replacing the California Law website at |

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